Virtual Railfan Tour of Switzerland - Thursday - Martigny Branches

Train in the stub platform at Martigny
There is a standard gauge branch line running east out of Martigny. At Sembrancher it branches with one line to Orsieres and the other to Le Chable. It runs through the St. Bernard Pass, home of the well known dogs. Being standard gauge the line is run by SBB
Blazon on one of the trains Leaving Martigny
There may be a little freight
Orsieres is the main destination

Orsieres is crowded into the valley

Le Chable is much quieter
Le Chable
This switcher, seen at Martigny, may be used for the small amount of freight
At Martigny there is good train watching

Virtual Railfan Tour of Switzerland - Wednesday - Nyon -St. Cergue - (Morez)

The Nyon St. Cergue - Morez (NStCM) Railway is a narrow gauge electric line running from Nyon on the shores of Lac Leman into the hills to the west. It originally went into Morez in France but it was cut back to La Cure on the border in 1958. The company is studying the possibility of extending the line 3 km from La Cure to Les Rousses in France/ Nyon is close to Geneva.


Virtual Railfan Tour of Switzerland - Tuesday - A Railway Completely Isolated - Murren

The Bergbahn Lauterbrunnen-Murren (BLM) is a completely isolated metre gauge railway. It runs from Grutschalp (where there is a cable car from Lauterbrunnen - the funicular was replaced in 2008) along a mountain ridge to Murren where road vehicles are banned. The distance is 4.3 km, the maximum grade is 5% and the overhead system is 550V DC. There are five passenger cars, four built 1966-7, and one historic car built in 1913.

The cable car gives an excellent view of lauterbrunnen

This video covers the entire line from the cab

We travelled this way in the off season when nothing was open at Murren so we quickly returned to Lauterbrunnen to find something to eat.